Deceased Estates


Here at Voss Attorneys we are passionate about people and strive to assist them in their day to day lives. Life as we know it is daunting not to mention any legal matters that might arise. The law regarding Deceased Estates falls within that category. More often than not the Administration of deceased estates is an unpleasant process, so it’s understandable that affected parties don’t want to be burdened with the legal administrative process as well. For that reason Voss attorneys decided to set up a dedicated team of professionals to assist our clients in this process so that they don’t have to worry.


The Administration of Deceased estates is a process or procedure that must be followed in order to divest a deceased person of his or her assets, and to transfer those assets , after payment of any debts in the estate, to the testamentary or intestate heirs.


  1. Taking Instructions
  2. First Consultation with Family Members
  3. Reporting the Estate
  4. Notice to Creditors and opening Estate Banking Account
  5. Gathering information, Valuations and balance Certificates
  6. Drafting the liquidation and Distribution Account
  7. Queries by Master
  8. Inspection period
  9. Finalisation of the estate after inspection period
  10. Final requirements (Supply Master of the High Court with bank statements)
  11. Filing Notice (Estate has been Finalised)
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